The Oreston Trot moorings are administered by the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners and are usually let on a 12 month basis. 

This year's mooring season will be reduced to 8 months due to essential maintenance works to replace the ground chain.  Works will be carried out over a 4 month period between 1st Nov – 28 Feb 2020
Licences wil run from 1 Apr – vacating on Oct 31st (7 months) returning 1st March – 31st March.  Total = 8 months.
The 2020/2021 season will run from 1st April for 12 months as per previous years.

The rates below are annual charges (1/04/2018-31/03/2019) and include VAT and Harbour Dues.

Plym trot - under 1m draught up to 27' LOA - suitable for small motor vessels/bilge keel vessels
Oreston Inner trot - deep water trot for craft up to 29' max. LOA. Suitable for fin keel vessels
Oreston Outer trot - deep water trot for craft up to 31' max. LOA. Suitable for fin keel vessels
Cocklebank trot - up to 1m draught, 36' max.  LOA - suited for larger bilge keel vessels


a. Plym Trot (max 1m draught trot mooring)                                  £538.78 ( reduced 8 month term)
    Under 9.00m (below 30’)

b. Oreston Inner (deep water trot mooring)                                    £538.78 ( reduced 8 month term)
    Under 9.0m (below 30’)

c.  Oreston Outer (deep water trot mooring)
     Majority for vessels under 9.75m (below 32’)                             £597.38 ( reduced 8 month term)
     5 x larger moorings : 9.75m-11m (below 36’)                             £665.94 ( reduced 8 month term)

 d. Cocklebank Trot (max 1m draught trot mooring)
     Under 11m (Below 36’)                                                                   £538.78 ( reduced 8 month term)